Symposium: Forced migration in the 21st century

© Українська інженерно-педагогічна академія (УІПА)
© Українська інженерно-педагогічна академія (УІПА)

"Forced Migration in the 21st Century: Challenges, Values and Reflections" was the full title of the symposium attended by Dr Anna Fomenko, research associate at the Wismar Business School at Wismar University of Applied Sciences and associate professor at the Ukrainian Technical and Pedagogical Academy in Kharkiv (UEPA).

The participants of the symposium came from the following countries: Germany, Ukraine, Switzerland, Poland and the USA.

The main topics that were discussed and on which research results were presented in lectures were

  • Creating conditions for the remigration of Ukrainian citizens in the post-war period
  •  Problems of integration during forced migration
  • Aspects of the employment of highly qualified specialists during temporary residence

The title of Dr Fomenko's paper that she presented at the symposium was: "The Influence of Migration on the Cultural Growth of Ukrainian Youth: Embracing European Ethics and Compliance".

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