Institute for Business Information Technology (BIT)

Information technology in companies and administration is the focus of the members of our institute, both in teaching and research.

One focus is the cooperation with companies and institutions, in which teaching and training are combined with applied research.

Theses, such as master's, diploma or bachelor's theses both full-time and distance learning deal with topics in which current developments in research are examined and adapted to specific problems in companies, organizations or administration.

  • Business processes, analysis and redesign
  • Software system design and development
  • Knowledge management in particular using information technology
  • Databases in the corporate environment
  • Data modeling and database design
  • Data mining and business intelligence
  • Planning and optimization problems
  • Artificial intelligence in business informatics (KIWI working group)
  • Application systems in companies and administration

    The BIT works on the development of the university's IT infrastructure: