Blended Intensive Programm: Compliance Management

Together with academics from Turkey, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Hungary and the Ukraine, Prof Arnaout and Dr Fomenko from the Wismar Business School at Wismar UAS will be looking for interdisciplinary approaches in a number of hybrid events this year, which should make it possible to implement compliance management teaching at universities in the participating countries in the future. Among other things, it is necessary to examine the various demands placed on companies in the area of compliance from both a legal and socio-economic perspective and to align future programmes accordingly with business-related requirements in a future-proof manner.

The reconstruction process in Ukraine following the end of the Russian war of aggression poses a particular challenge. Early research into the implementation of compliance education at Ukrainian universities will enable Ukraine to train professionals with knowledge of EU compliance regulations and requirements relatively quickly, so that they can provide meaningful support to Ukraine's intended accession process to the European Union.

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