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Portathon 2021

Campus Wismar

The Portathon 2021 will take place again this year and is supported and promoted by the European Project Center and the Connect2SmallPorts project in its organization and implementation. Last year, our team from Wismar (The Baltic Merchants) was among the winners and took home a cash prize of EUR 500. 

While last year's edition had to take place entirely online, this year's Portarhon will be held as a hybrid event. In addition to Wismar, Klaipeda and Karlskrona will participate as physical locations and connect via a virtual platform during the event. 

The aim of the event is for small groups of three to five participants to work out solutions to the challenges from the maritime sector. These are provided by the partner ports - among others Klaipeda and Hamburg - and thus represent real problems that need to be mastered. The challenges are regularly expanded and can be viewed here.

This year, too, the organizers are holding out the prospect of a cash prize for the best solutions. After the final pitches of all teams' ideas, a panel of mentors will evaluate the best results. In addition, the mentors from the maritime sector will accompany and advise all teams throughout the entire duration of the hackathon.

Participation in the event is completely free of charge and is aimed not only at students but also at entrepreneurs, start-ups and interested parties. It is possible to cover the travel costs to Wismar and the stay, but this requires prior contact and agreement. 

We ask all interested teams to register in advance to ensure smooth organisation at each venue REGISTRATION.

More information can be retrieved here or on the project website as well as on Social Media Channels of the organiser and project Connect2SmallPorts.


European Project Center

Christopher Meyer

Buidling 19, Room 114

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