German and International Commercial Law, Master's Degree

General information about studies

The Master's programme in German and International Commercial Law is aimed at Russian-speaking students and imparts specialist knowledge in German and International Commercial Law.

It is geared to the special features of German-Russian legal relations and prepares you for senior level specialist and management tasks.

This is achieved through;

  • application-oriented course content,
  • practice-oriented problem solutions, based on good academic foundations
  • excursions,
  • one month long internship in Germany,
  • courses in the form of lectures, seminars or exercises in small groups,
  • complex interdisciplinary and international case studies based on real-world problems in business practice.

The course is are carried out in partnership with a foreign university.

List of partner universities;
  • [Translate to English:] Russische Plekhanov-Wirtschaftsuniversität (Moskau, Russland)
  • Sankt-Petersburger staatliche Wirtschaftsuniversität (Sankt-Petersburg, Russland)
  • Kaspische Universität (Almaty, Kasachstan)
  • Al-Farabi Kasachische Nationale Universität (Almaty, Kasachstan)
  • Jaroslaw der Weise Nationale juristische Universität (Charkiw, Ukraine)
  • W.-N.-Karasin-Universität Charkiw (Charkiw, Ukraine)
  • Staatliche Universität für Innere Angelegenheiten Odessa (Odessa, Ukraine)
  • Novosibirsk State University (Novosibirsk, Russia)

Content of the studies

The standard period of study is three semesters.

Students complete the first and third semesters at the partner university; the second at Wismar University of Applied Sciences. During the third semester, when the students are back at their home university, lessons take place in the form of e-learning as part of the study programme at Wismar University.

There is a compulsory subject component, and also the opportunity tp specialise by choosing appropriate elective modules.

Module plan;



Master of Laws (LL.M.)

Start of studies

summer semester at the partner university

Standard period of study

3 semesters
(1 semester at the University of Wismar)

Language of instruction

English and Russian


You will find the information about the application process below;

Application period

1 May - 15 July

But it is recommended that you submit your application by 15 May, as both the processing of documents and the subsequent application for a visa can be time-consuming.

Documents to be submitted


Basic requirements;


Translated and certified (e.g. from the home university):

  • Proof of English language skills
    • at least level B2
  • Certificate of a general qualification for university entrance
    • including transcript of modules and your marks
  • Bachelor's degree in Law or Commercial Law (210 ETCS)
    • including transcript of modules and your marks
  • Confirmation of registration in the previous semester at the home university
    • including transcript of modules and your marks
  • Documentation of the 1st master‘s semester
    • including transcript of modules and your marks
  • Copy of passport

Please send the documents completely and by post;


Hochschule Wismar
International Office

Philipp-Müller-Straße 14
23966 Wismar


Please contact if you have any further questions regarding admission:

Nach der Zulassung

To be submitted to the Wismar University of Applied Sciences:

  • Evidence of the transferred semester fee
    • You will receive data together with the confirmation.
  • Evidence of health insurance cover

If you want a residence place, apply to;

The following elective modules can be chosen;

At the partner university;
  • Philosophy of Law/Methodology of Law
  • Consumer protection
  • Corporate governance
  • Intellectual property
  • Private international law
  • Civil procedure
  • International Management
  • Controlling
  • Financial analysis
  • Investment calculation
  • Public Law (Regulation)
  • Administrative procedural law
  • European law
  • Property law
At the Wismar University of Applied Sciences;
  • Public international law
  • Company Law Consolidation
  • Investment protection law
  • Transport law
  • Banking law
  • International procedural law
  • Arbitral jurisdiction

Notice; The contents of the study programme may vary in individual cases.

Perspectives after graduation

On graduation from your Master's programme, you will receive the degree "Master of Laws (LL.M.)". If the study and examination regulations of the partner university allow for this, the degree can be obtained as part of a joint degree programme.

This qualifies you for activities in all areas in which legal and business skills are required. The degree opens up opportunities for you to work in business enterprises, associations and other national and international organisations that are active in German-Russian or international legal relations.

Based on your knowledge of transnational and international contexts, you will be able to work as a manager and specialist in a wide variety of functions.

In addition, a German university degree enables you to apply for a further residence permit to look for work in Germany for up to 18 months. All you have to do is prove that you have sufficient means of subsistence. This is also possible through gainful employment in Germany. If you find a job that is appropriate for your qualification as a Master of Laws within the 18 months, your residence permit can be converted into one for the purpose of employment.


It is only possible to become a judges, public prosecutors or lawyers in Germany, if you have passed two state examinations in law. A Bachelor's or Master's degree is not sufficient.