CATALYST-Project Workshop

A group picture of participating people from the CATALYST Project workshop
fLTR: Emma Larsson (EU-office Skåne Nordost),
Magdalena Czarnocka-Kaptur (Center of European Meetings Swiatowid in Elbląg),
Paulina Lieder-Żuchowska (Association of Polish Communes Euroregion Baltic),
Maria Lindblad (EU-office Skåne Nordost),
Monika Klein (Media Dizajn),
Laima Gerlitz (HSW),
Christopher Meyer (HSW),
Marcin Żuchowski (Association of Polish Communes Euroregion Baltic). (Source: FWW, Mathias Wolf)

Participants from partner organizations from Poland and Sweden traveled to Wismar to work on the topic of "participation / integration of the younger generation in social processes" and exchange ideas and concepts. From this, social innovations are to be derived, which create a social added value for the partner nations. Current problems, such as migration from economically weaker regions, are to be countered with opportunities to use existing economic potential.

The long-term goal is to develop a concrete large-scale project from the ideas and workshops, which will drive the implementation with all participating partners.

The European Project Center is a key international institute for the Faculty of Economics and integrates itself with various future-oriented projects in an emerging EU-wide research community. 

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