Neuigkeiten im Studienbereich Wirtschaftsinformatik

Buchkapitel veröffentlicht - Digitale Innovation & Transformation

Abstract: The transition from traditional to digital business models, i.e. digital transformation, requires a high degree of agility in enterprises and a way to sys-tematically establish and control the required organizational and structural changes. Furthermore, digital business models often are triggered by technological innovations and lead to entirely new products and services. Consequently, new operational procedures or substantial redefinitions of the existing ones are re-quired as part of digital innovation. Digital transformation and digital innovation both call for a methodical and technical integration of approaches from different areas of information systems research facilitating the required changes, such as digital business model management (BMM), capability management (CM) and enterprise architecture management (EAM). The book chapter addresses this me-thodical and technical integration by proposing the Digital Innovations and Transformation Process (DITP), which has a focus on method support, and the „Digital Business Architect“ (DBA) as a modern qualification profile for profes-sionals in an enterprise working in innovation and transformation initiatives. The DITP enables the DBA to moderate between business management and technol-ogy experts as part of the business executive team in an enterprise in order to support implementing their requirements under consideration of integrative Busi-ness-IT-Alignment concepts. DITP and DBA integrate and connect selected tech-niques from BMM, CM and EAM. The chapter presents the DITP and the DBA with a focus on their core features and uses application cases from digital trans-formation for illustrating the use of DITP in practice.

Keywords: Digital Innovation, Digital Transformation, Business Modelling, Enterprise Modelling, Enterprise Architecture Management, Capability Management, Business-IT-Alignment

Quellenangabe: Wißotzki M., Sandkuhl K., Wichmann J. (2021) Digital Innovation and Transformation: Approach and Experiences., pp 9-36, In: Zimmermann A., Schmidt R., Jain L. (eds) Architecting the Digital Transformation. Intelligent Systems Reference Library, vol 188. Springer, Cham.