Diese Studienprogramme werden ausschließlich in englischer Sprache angeboten.

Welcome to our International Exchange Programme

This programme offers academic courses at a high standard to all exchange students visiting our university, and to all German students. The range of courses on offer is broad, so students are provided with cutting-edge knowledge from a variety of fields related to international business. All of our classes are taught entirely in English. Since we offer Bachelors' and Masters' courses, both undergraduate and graduate students are invited to take part. In addition, it is possible to arrange thesis supervision for exchange students in their final semester.

Our International Day

Why should you take part in this programme?

 The programme provides a unique opportunity to experience the world in one classroom; at any time, our university attracts students from around 50 different countries. Our main intention is to prepare these students and our own for work in a globalised economy, by providing a global meeting place in an academic context. For this purpose, we develop a specific set of intercultural competences, including language skills, and in particular the ability to interact successfully in an international commercial environment. Sitting in a classroom and discussing a specific academic topic with other students who have different national and cultural perspectives is an excellent way to develop your international skills. We also teach using intercultural and interdisciplinary projects. And participation is a fantastic chance to make friends with people from all over the world. As a foreign student from inside or outside the E.U., you can take advantage of this opportunity and at the same time enjoy life in a wonderful World Cultural Heritage city on the Baltic coast, located close to both Hamburg and Berlin, and a gateway to northern Europe.  As a local student, you can experience internationality even at home. 

How can you take part?

As a Bachelor’s degree student from inside or outside the European Union, you should first check in good time that your home university agrees with your plans. You will need this agreement to qualify for possible funding for your trip and accreditation of your courses at home.  This is easiest if your university has a partnership with us. Students from recognized universities in the European Union will often be eligible for community funding.  After speaking to your own university, you should apply directly to our International Office for admission to the programme. Decide if you would like to come for 6 months, starting in March or September, or for one year.  Please follow this link for more information and registration;

Online application

International Master’s students have a variety of opportunities to take part. Like the Bachelor’s students, you can come for a short exchange, under similar conditions to those described above. In this case, please look at the link given above. If you have other needs, such as thesis supervision, please speak to your own university first and then contact the International Office directly under the following address;

International office

International and German students wishing to do a complete postgraduate degree in business may be admitted to our full-time Master’s degree in International Management.  This degree is open to graduates in business, engineering, and related professions. If you hold a Bachelor’s degree with 210 ECTS or equivalent and your English is good you may be admitted directly.  Students who are good at English but hold a degree with 180 ECTS or equivalent may be admitted to a bridging programme first. Please look at the following link for more details;

International Management Master

German students registered full-time in any Faculty at our university and interested in improving their English can be admitted to many of the courses in the International Programme. These courses are recognized in the Faculties as elective courses within various Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes. Please inform yourself via Stud.IP at the beginning of each semester.


Contact for international students

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