Our Services

We can provide assistance conditional for you in the follow stages:

  • Writing application
  • Find the right way for the development of the project
  • Coordinate your project at all stages
  • Advise on controversial issues
  • Research Marketing

We have consulting experience and competence over many years and on many different fields of regional development, like logistics, innovation and entrepreneurship, network design and cluster building. This knowledge can be applied before a project implementation, during the project duration or after a project closing.


Ideas designing and project structure

We will help you to embody your ideas into a real project. We offer solutions for the correct choice of strategy development and project implementation. For each program all details must be taken into account. We will help you to create the correct project structure for a particular programme.

Search for Partners

Working in EU projects means working with international partners. We have many contacts to foreign institutions in Europe, Asia, America and the wider world and can help you to find the right partner for your project. Furthermore, we offer you to assess potential partners regarding their eligibility and competence for each program.

Budget planning

The most important part of any project is cost-effective budgeting. We make sure that all financial regulations and guidelines are adhered to, and your budget will be designed without any mistake. From our experience we know that if the project is not properly budgeted the partners can get into trouble and economic trap.

Prepare of application

The first step that you should to do is to prepare the application. At the first blush it looks very simple, but there are many rules that you must stand to. Formal mistakes when filling in an application for the first time occure often but are easy to avoid. We assist you and will pay attention to the most important items for which first of all draws the attention of the European Committees.


Content management
We care about your finances and watch that you don't overspend money. We assist you in the financial reporting to the EU. Our professional financial management will never allow you to lose money of your project.

Timing Management
We develop schedules in compliance with all of your requirements, monitor project progress and intervene if necessary.

Risk management
We inform you early about possible risks and their potential impact on your project. Together with you we develop risk avoidance/reduction measures and, if necessary, measures to reduce the damage in case a risk is realized.


Next to an official project frame we can offer you to conduct studies and surveys on specific topics. Furthermore, we have a number of previous studies which deliver a comprehend basis for further investigations.