ProWI-Team meets InnovationPort

Meeting at the InnovationPort (from left to right): Doreen Heydenbluth-Peters (InnovationPort), Leon Kreft, Sarah Solysik, Thomas Paetow (Wismar UAS). Bild: MiS/InnovationPort

Ms Heydenbluth-Peters from the InnovationPort Wismar invited representatives of the ProWI team and the Wismar Business School at the Wismar University of Applied Sciences to the InnovationPort. The aim was to exchange ideas on various topics. The focus was on better communication between the ProWI team and the InnovationPort in order to inform students and lecturers about events and projects and to regularly present the dual degree programme in Business Informatics to regional companies.

In the InnovationPort, a community is growing that is concerned with the opportunities and challenges of digitalisation. Innovation processes and strategy changes are in full swing and the business environment is constantly changing. This change sometimes leads to major upheavals and the need to rethink and change entire business processes. The InnovationPort offers companies space for the development of ideas and personal support. As part of the cooperation, students from the Wismar Business School will be given the opportunity to give lectures on specific topics at the InnovationPort and to network with representatives from the industry.

In addition, individual courses will be held at the InnovationPort in the future. A block seminar for the Change Management & Agile Project Management module is already planned for the summer semester of 2023 as part of the Master's programme in Business Informatics.

The cooperation with the ProWI team also enables an early look at young talent and interesting options for retaining young talent. The basis of the cooperation is the continuous provision of information about the possibilities of dual studies in Business Informatics at the Wismar University of Applied Sciences. At the first event, Prof. Dr. Jöran Pieper will present the dual study programme in business informatics as part of the "Innovative Lunch Break". The event will also be broadcast digitally.

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