Gaming in education

Group photo of the professors, cooperation partners and international guests
Participants of the webinar on site at Wismar Business School. From left to right: Miroslav Dzurenda, Jan Hušek, Kai Neumann, David Tuček, Miroslav Žilka, Olaf Bassus, Thomas Wilke, Jürgen Zeis, Gunnar Prause. (Source: Wismar UAS/M.Wolf)

A popular approach to teaching at our faculty is the use of business games (e.g. Ludus). Using these games, teams of students learn in a competitive approach how to put previously learned theoretical concepts into practice, improve their decision-making skills, coordinate teams and plan and implement strategies in a meaningful way.

However, as with any software, business simulation games (such as Ludus) have limitations and restrictions that limit the degree of realism compared to actual business management.

To learn about and exchange the latest approaches in this field, international representatives and partners met for a webinar at Wismar Business School (Wismar UAS) on Tuesday (21.03.2023). Among other things, the advantages of linking a classic business game with a widely used BI system (BNS, Business Navigator System) were demonstrated. The aim of this linkage is that the business game software continues to provide the basic, up-to-date data, but the strategy and decision making takes place via the professional BI software used in practice. This increases the practical value for the students and better prepares them for the demands of their future careers.

We thank our partners and international guests for coming and for their suggestions and look forward to the next exchange to further improve our teaching.


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